November 27, 2013

Fall Is Here to Stay

Fall has arrived. Yes, the leaves are radiant. Yes, pumpkin flavored items fill grocery store isles. Yes, Christmas music has even begun to play on the radio. Here's some evidence of Fall's arrival around here...

Little played on her first hay bale. 

We wandered around a children's corn maze with close friends and got lost. How do four grown, adults get lost in a children's corn maze? Well, it's pretty easy when the four adults are first time parents who are too busy ooh-ing and ahh-ing over their infants firsts to pay attention to where they are going. 

We embarked upon a leaf hunting trek for Mr. Mister's Color Studies course. And yes, Little kept trying to eat the leaves. Oh my! 

I made this wonderfully, yellow Pumpkin Apple Soup, enjoyed by me and despised by Mr. Mister. 

Oh tree tops...

Football season began. Woooooo Pig Sooie!

Leaves crowd the sidewalks are are welcomed to do so.

Little went to her first Trunk or Treat as a kitten. 

Even though a golden haze has settled in and surrounds my every moment, I know for certain that Fall is here to stay because of the following interaction. Today, I received a voice-mail from my best friend who proceeded to scream, "It's COOOLD!" Yes, that's all she said. Yes, that's perfectly normal for our relationship. Of course, I immediately texted her an emoticon of a hot cup of coffee. And yes, I'm delighted that Fall is here to stay.  

What signifies the start of Fall for you?

October 28, 2013

Little Says...

Oftentimes I find myself wondering what is going through Little's mind. When she's gazing into my eyes, scooting backwards on the carpet, or rubbing on Mr. Mister's beard, I find myself a jumbled up bottle of curiosity that's about to overflow. She fills our days with such deep, rich, moments of joy.

Lately, I've noticed a theme emerging in my overactive imagination. 

Little says, "Hey, momma....

I eat the sun!

Little's wiggles never cease, which makes for fun 
picture-taking adventures in our home.

I eat a pickle!

Note: My mom has similar picture of me, as a child.

Oh you know, I eat the milks too." 

In my mind, Little says many things as she goes about her day(s). I'm eagerly anticipating that first word and many conversations, which will fill our future days.

September 23, 2013

Peek of the Week: Round 11

Check it out: a new week, new photos...

Hello happy pumpkin picked from my boss' farm.

Little received her very first pumpkin! She smacked on it, & then started pushing it away. 

Mortar lines, vine lines, shadow lines...

Some days, you've just got to grab that frozen apple pie. Bake it! 

I've taken to dressing Little up with props. Here she's wearing her Teddy Bear's (Bear-nice) dress, spectacles, and ruby slippers. 

One day I propped her up on the couch like this. Then I called Mr. Mister into the room declaring, "Oh my, she's already taking all your money!"

And here, she's enjoying (not really) her morning coffee.

Leafy tree shadows, yes please!

Mr. Mister & I went to Crystal Bridges recently. When I showed him this painting and told him that I found my new hairstyle (the girl in the middle), he wasn't amused. Oh goodness...

I just adore Little's messy cereal face.

 I was reunited with my dear sister, Kayla, this week. Yes, this is quite blurry, please forgive. 

Kayla had a blast with Little.

My dear cousin Jessica (from my Little Girls in Wedding Dresses post) became a wife this week! Yay, for the beginning of a new family!

The End. 

September 18, 2013

A Sign, A Reminder

Well, hi-ya! It's been a while since I've posted, so I figured it was about time for me to drop in and let you know that I'm still alive and kicking. The Fall semester is back in full swing for both myself and Mr. Mister. When we aren't working or studying, Mr. Mister and I are making the most of each little moment that our family of three has with one another. Our gorgeous little lady is growing longer, stronger, and more beautiful each day. 

School has started and along with that comes my anticipation of thick woolen sweaters, chilly evening walks, and holiday baking. This afternoon, I was delighted to find a sign that Fall is, in fact, on its way to snuggle up with me for my favorite few months of the year. This sign came in the form of one, small, vibrant, heart-shaped, leaf that was lacking in verdigris. 

I'm grateful for the love that Fall sent my way in the midst of a hectic schedule reminding me that she is coming once again. 

September 3, 2013

Peek of the Week: Round 10

Check it out: new week, new photos...

While some dream of white picket fences, my dream-fence looks more like this one. 

Guess who wants to sit up all the time now? 

Color me happy!

When I'm surrounded by piles of dishes, pots, and pans, my cheerful refrigerator door marked with happy memories brightens my day.

Little no longer wants to cuddle while she sleeps. My girl likes her space. Despite this, I managed to sneakily grab a few sleepy snuggles. 

This is how Little prefers to sleep: arms behind her head and on her own. What an independent little lady!

I'm dreaming of my future days of owning my own private practice. 

Walls and walls of decorative tape fill my heart with excitement. There are so many possibilities here!

Mr. Mister and I celebrated our anniversary by making gifts for one another. His gift was homemade tiramisu, which was surprisingly easy to prepare. YUM!

I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly obsessed with tree grates and have no idea why. 

Yes, Little is only 5 months old. Nevertheless, I still had to fight the urge to buy her some watercolors the other day. Soon!